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Memorable Golf Events 

Do you want to build stronger relationships with your clients or your staff? Do you wish to make a golf day for the management sector or maybe you are interested in making the charity event? We will help you to create a very special and memorable day on the golf course with lots of joy and fun.

Creating Opportunities to Build Connections and Grow 

Our corporate golf events will take awareness of your brand to a different level. Your logo will be planted in all possible ways on and off the golf course to give maximum recognition for your brand.

We assure you that all the participants of your tournament will be always surrounded by all the branded items. Your logo won’t remain unnoticed.

Win Hearts Through Golf 

Be the perfect host and impress all your guests with an exquisite and fun golf event. Our full-fledged services will leave your visitors with an unforgettable impression. We offer:

The Right Location 

To organize a successful tournament, one of the main points is the right venue for the event. We understand this very well and that is why we provide you with the choices. You can pick the most desirable, beautiful, and best-located golf course for you and your guests.

We offer you the golf course options and you can decide which one of them you like the most.

Personalized Invitations

If you are planning to make the golf day for your employees, management, or your clients, we are happy to offer you the digital invitations which will be sent to all the participants based on the data provided by you.

Personalized invitations for your guests will definitely make a good impression on themYou can select the format and design or share your own idea which we will happily implement.

Best-in-Class Catering 

Good food is an integral part of any great golf event. No matter if prepared by one of the club restaurants or supplied by the catering company, it must always be up to the standards. With White Eagle Sport, your golf event will reach ultimate heights.

The best quality of the food was always associated with the quality of our events. For those who want to make the event even more special and custom-made, we arrange the food truck with the food you like. Our staff applies all the effort to keep everyone happy.

Picture-Perfect Decor 

We are ready for demanding clients with all kinds of requests. If you want to surprise the participants of your event, we can make something very trendy like setting up a picture frame, somewhere next to the first tee where all the players can take the perfect selfie, post it on Instagram and tag your brand and your event.

Event Management 

From booking the golf club, getting the required number of players, ordering and embroidering the marketing items, prizes, trophies, and giveaways, creating invites for the players suggested by the client, to choosing the right menu on and off course.

We are here to make your event from “A” to “Z”. You don’t need to be bothered by anything.  Just give us a credit of trust and we will take all the responsibilities to deliver an outstanding experience to you and the players.

Organizing Golf Events Focussed on Your Brand Image 

At White Eagle Sports, we plan every element and placement of branding touchpoints throughout the location in a strategic way so you can get the most out of the custom golf events while building a lasting impression on your guests. 

Customized Golf Merchandise? 


Increase your brand exposure throughout the event with customized merch that adds to the delight factor with a personal touch! 

From golf balls to caps, visors, socks, towels, and tee sets to customized golf sets and handcrafted golf bags proudly flaunting your company’s logo; you name it, and consider it done!


Whatever you need! 

Need special arrangements to keep your guests entertained? Let us know what you need and we will arrange it under our custom golf tournaments package! 

Moving After Each Round? 

Luxurious transportation at your service! 

Why worry about moving around when luxurious transportation facilities are at your disposal all the time? We will provide the best available option for your guests. 

Your Golf Event will be One of a Kind! 

White Eagle Sports will make your event extra special. It’s a guarantee! 

Want to have a glimpse of what your event will look like? Check out our previous events that were a huge success! 

How are we going to add value to your organization? 

Golf has always been the sport that nurtures relations and helps in building new connections, and we will leverage this sport to provide you with: 

Stronger Relationships. Better Opportunities 

Our team manages golf event for your brand seamlessly so you can focus on building stronger relationships and new connections. After all, better opportunities arise from your connections. 

Brand Promotion 

Our strategic brand promotion techniques will put your brand at the forefront while maximizing your golf event ROI. 

Perfect Launch Opportunity 

If you wish to launch any product or service during the event, we will make all the arrangements to provide you with the perfect setting for the new launch.


Our Objectives 

Value for Your Brand 

We believe in creating value for your brand, not only through a well-planned event but also by providing a world-class experience to all your guests and consistent brand exposure. 

Promote Bonding and Connection-Building 

We make sure that you and all your guests get to spend quality time with each other. Moreover, the main focus of our team is to ensure that guests can interact, create a bond, and build connections on the course. 

Creating Rich Experiences 

Be it on the golf course or dining and other activities, White Eagle Sports directs all its efforts toward creating a holistic and rich experience for your clientele. 

Cost-effective and Customized Packages 

The best part is that our golf event packages are cost-effective and highly customizable. The whole event can be organized as per your preferences. You are in total control!

White Eagle has their own annual sports events where clients use our very own platform for their product branding. We have been partnering  with leading global brands, who have continuously supported us and trusted White Eagle with their events.

Organizing a sporting event requires a lot of preparation, logistical planning and a key understanding of the sport itself. A lot goes into putting together a successful event.

Every client has their own unique image and brand which must reflect in the event they want to do, that is where we come in with our experience and  professionalism

Get in touch with us to find out how we can work together!

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