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We are a collection of

Visionaries, Strategists,
Organisers And Creators

We are visionaries, strategists, organisers and creators. We are providing comprehensive service to create your dream event. Through complex and unique ideas, we can fulfil the most fancy demands and exceed all possible limits for you. Despite being short term on the sport events market, we gained trust and a certain reputation.

Our golf tournaments are popular and high in demand. A Well organized tournament always reflects on happy people and the number of registered players. We are doing our best to deliver the highest quality of sport event with excellent ambience, great prizes, interesting formats, nice giveaways and beautiful venue. Be a part of our event and we will paint your most beautiful memories.

We are much more than
a golf events organiser

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission

    Your Satisfaction, Trust, Positivity, Conviction, Loyalty, Commitment, Feeling and Experience are the most important.Our mission is to provide high quality products and superior customer service. We would love to see pleased participants of our events. The human spirit factor means everything to us.

  • Our Vision

    Our Vision

    Our Vision is to be a leading sport events organisation in the region. Golf is just a beggining of our journey with sport events management. Making memorable golf tournaments will help us to build the community ready to compete and take part in other sport events.

  • Our Values

    Our Values

    Our Values are Commitment to customers, Honesty, Trust, Passion, Fun, Competition, Constant Improvement and Quality. With all those being put together, we are ready to succeed and deliver the best experience at your doorstep. Leave your office clothes at home, wear your sports outfit and come to join our events. Challenge yourself while competing with others not only physically but mentaly as well. Improve your mental health through your fitness and cardio work. Join our events!

About The Founder

It was in 2011 that I moved to Dubai. From an early age I have been passionate about sports, but only in 2014 I was introduced to golf by my husband who is an avid golfer. Golf may be a very popular sport across the globe. However, it still has not been able to attract the crowds  in my country. Fortunately for me the UAE is a paradise for golfers, with twenty one breathtaking  golf courses, it is one of the hottest golfing destinations in the World. Once I started golf it was very difficult to keep me away from the game. I truly fell in love with it, so I consider myself lucky that my work today involves what I love doing. The name of my company – White Eagle – combines elements of Golf, Poland – My Motherland and UAE. Both countries glorify strong and powerful birds. One of them, the White Eagle, is placed on my national flag and the UAE has a Falcon. Golf terminology itself also includes many birds like albatross, eagle and birdie. After connecting all the dots, it looked like there is no better name than this.

My name is Marta Biswas, and I am Founder and CEO of White Eagle FZCO

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